A word to the awake.

It’s a scary and cruel world right now. Satan’s reign has been devastatingly complete. All encompassing.

Even though God wins, the fallout will be brutally indescribable.

I have endured attack after attack. Emotional attacks. Bullying, I’ve been cancelled and dismissed. I’ve been told to go and die. I’ve been told to “watch myself’ by a minister who’s studied the Word all his life and doesn’t understand the final chapter.

And yet this journey hasn’t killed me, it’s made me stronger. I stand in my own power and although these attacks sometimes knock me down, I always get back up. I…

In this land of Illusion

Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

They are lying to us.

We know they are lying to us.

They know we know they are lying to us, and they are still lying to us.

A web of lies is hard to drop.

Liars Stick To Their Stories

Masks symbolize a sickness.

*note: if you are a hardcore mask believer, do not read this article. Please leave me in peace.

I am healthy. I do not have covid. I do not understand how the vast majority of society has been tricked into acting as though they are sick. There is a cognitive dissonance within me so strong and I do not fit into society any longer. I do not enjoy social media any longer.

I have lost many so-called friends since the start of the lockdown.

I have seen an aggressive uncaring army of idiots rise up smashing compassion with the thoughtless…

Stand up, fight back, say no. Before it’s too late

Churches — and every other entity — has a moral obligation to protect the identity of its members and attendees. To ask them to do otherwise is an attack on privacy and our basic human rights.

The government is conditioning us to expect and submit to these information requests as standard procedure. To get us to “check in" everywhere we go. But not by choice, as a new legal requirement.

This takes “checking in" online to the next level. We thought it was fun. A game. Some entertainment. To share with our networks. …

Navigating the New Age of Lies, Deceit and Misinformation

As your level of consciousness increases, your paradigms shatter quicker and easier. In fact, you might have paradigms shattering multiple times a day, especially with access to the Internet where information spreads like wildfire.

Here’s a visual depiction of where we are as humans, stuck in the middle of a series of boxes:

Card from the Wild Unknown Archetypes deck by Kim Krans

When one box shatters, a new one replaces it.

Just last week, I had another reality of what I thought was true about something completely blown to smithereens.

Previously, when my reality was challenged and then exploded to be replaced by a a truer version of events, the loss of what I thought was real severely wounded me. I’d feel betrayed and hurt. I’d get disoriented…

It’s time I sit down and listen to it.

I just had a wake up call.

“Hello, this is Facebook calling. Your friends are not your friends. Everything you’re posting is immediately taken the wrong way and no one wants to hear it.”

I’m one of the 5% of awakened souls on the planet. (Or whatever the correct percentage is.) I am supposed to be above this kind of petty childish behaviour, which is letting my fears take over and drive me to action. My actions just happen to be the exact opposite kind of action that is acceptable or mainstream. I’m an outlier. The sleeping masses aren’t even…

I don’t want to live in a world like this.

Yesterday (May 3, 2020), I went to the grocery store with my common-law partner and toddler. First, we had to stand in a line where they separate people 6 feet apart. It was finally our turn to enter and the security person, who was wearing a mask, told me multiple instructions that I couldn’t understand. One because she was wearing a mask, and two because she had an accent.

Apparently, these were her instructions:

  • I am not allowed to bring in my own grocery bags. (I needed to place my grocery bags at the entrance of the store.)
  • They have…

It’s a way to keep your vibration down

Photo by Amritanshu Sikdar on Unsplash

In my low period after my marriage fell apart in 2009, I went through a string of guys… most of them smokers.

I didn’t smoke. I thought it was just a coincidence that the guys I was attracted to all smoked. Now I’m exploring the idea that there’s more to it than just that.

I currently have been with the same man for 7+ years and we miraculously have a 2-year-old son — something we both wanted more than anything else in this world. We share quite a bond.

And yet.

He’s smoked the entire time I’ve been with him…

Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

I was in the grocery store checking out. After I paid, I realized that I forgot to use my points card. I asked the checkout lady if she could help me and she pointed me in the direction of the information desk at the front. There was a long line of frustrated or picky shoppers. I waited patiently in line after a very perplexing interchange between a shopper trying to get away with something and the man behind the counter saying what she wanted wasn’t going to happen.

My turn. “Can you please add my points number to this receipt?”

When you don’t even know what it means

Dealing with shame on a subconscious level when you don’t know what it means
Dealing with shame on a subconscious level when you don’t know what it means
Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

A person in my life has been triggering an automatic response from me, and it’s been happening repetitively. It’s a pattern. Same pattern, different people.

My only clue is that when I’m triggered, I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach and I’m going to throw up. I’m used to this feeling and feeling this way about things, situations, people, etc. I’ve obviously been storing this up for a long time, ignoring it and hoping it will just go away. Since this person who is currently annoying me is a client, the old me would just fire her. That’s…

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