10 Reasons the 8+ Hour Workday Isn't Working Any More

  1. People are not machines.
  2. People need variety. People cannot repetitively perform paper-shuffling tasks day in and day out without losing their sense of purpose and identify. (Please do not ask me about the monthly reports. Does anyone actually care about their content or just care they are consistently submitted?)
  3. People need sunlight. We are not vampires, nor are most of us miners.
  4. People are tired of working just for the weekends and finite paid vacation time. The few people on top have access to more $ and more vacation time, which makes it slightly more bearable. The rest of us may spend every extra cent on tiny vacations and they are temporary bandaids, not long-term solutions. (Maybe if I work really super hard for the next 15 years, I’ll be awarded an extra two weeks per year for vacation. Yeah, right.)
  5. People cannot continue to work in cubicles. It is not natural to go and sit in the same place for 9 hours in a row. This is laziness at its finest!
  6. People are not interchangeable. The gaps in people’s knowledge, skills and experience is tremendous. This causes discrimination in expectations and performance. There is little incentive to over-achieve or increase productivity and easier to maintain dismal status quo.
  7. People are working for the wrong reasons. They have traded in almost everything (including their precious time and freedom) in order to be safe and secure and maintain a certain level of assumed lifestyle and conveniences.
  8. People are truly unable to work within this unsustainable system and are simply unconscious of this fact. Instead, they have introduced innumerable coping mechanisms like showing up late, leaving early, taking long lunches, going for coffee breaks, and assigning most work as teamwork and team projects to provide motivation.
  9. People are unhappy. You don’t believe me? Try looking past people’s surface expressions and see what’s behind the masks.
  10. People are stuck.

And yet people do this every day, every month, every year.

Seasons turn, time passes and we grow old.

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