2021+ Survival Guide Purchases

On Ongoing List (updated Sep 25/21)

Making smarter purchases in 2021 is paramount to our survival

Why is society in this predicament?

We traded traditional, environmentally-friendly solutions for convenient throw-away traps. Unfortunately, it only take 1–2 generations to erase the original way of doing things — and the WHY and HOW people were doing it that way—from the memory of the collective.

How do I find good products?

Nowadays, researching good products is super easy. I do one or more of the following to find solutions to my problems and have had great results. It’s amazing how people like to be helpful and share their knowledge, experience and information to help other people out.

  1. Do an online search.
  2. Participate in forums where they discuss this type of thing. This is especially helpful for getting new ideas for improvement and products you didn’t even think about.
  3. Try things out.
  4. Read reviews.

My Best 2021 Purchases

Here’s my Best Purchases so far in 2021 that I totally recommend:

  1. The Gargoyles: “Wash Your Clothes Without Laundry Detergent.” I was skeptical about whether this would really work. I’m amazed that my clothes are getting clean, without the toxicity of buying those stupid washer pods. One Gargoyle lasts up to 1,500 wash loads or ~4 years. This is a no-brainer purchase. Unfortunately, I’m unsure whether they ship internationally outside of Canada.
  2. Dryer Balls. To go along with the Gargoyle, you can get 2 or 3 dryer balls to replace those Bounce sheets. I saw them available at a local farmers’ market and didn’t invest at the time. I purchased some crappy dryer balls at Superstore to hold me over until I find the good ones again. By “crappy”, I mean they are hard plastic balls with spikes sticking out of them that could potentially ruin delicates or knitted wear. They are perfectly fine for most clothes, towels and sheets.
  3. Aspen CLEAN natural dishwasher pods (unscented). The Cascade dishwasher pods are poison. But I was trained to do all my shopping at the grocery store and only purchase what’s available. I put up with toxic dishwasher soap for many years even though it was making me instantly sick and couldn't be in the kitchen when the dishwasher was running. I bought a couple packs just to try it out and then reordered 8 packages to last me 6+ months.
  4. Blue Light Glasses by BLUblox. I was experiencing so much eye strain! I can’t even describe how painful it was for me to be in front of my computer all day. Using my smartphone or spending any time on the TV after that was pretty much impossible. I ended up choosing the Crystal SummerGlo glasses and I absolutely love them.
  5. Menstrual DivaCup: For all you ladies out there tired of throwing money into the proverbial toilet, I purchased the DivaCup at London Drugs here in Canada. I got the one made for woman over 30 who have already had a baby. I am happy every month I save money with this one! It’s pretty convenient once you get used to it!
  6. Supplements: I started taking regular vitamin and mineral supplements and I have never felt better in my whole life. My immune system is strong and chronic ailments have lessoned or completely disappeared, like allergies to pets and animals. My favourites are: MegaFood Daily Vitamins, iodine drops, AOR Zinc/Copper combo, vitamins C and D, and magnesium.

A Note About Buying Local

My Opinions & Predictions

I love supporting international, domestic and local businesses. Buying local has been a trendy catchphrase for the last couple decades. However, there hasn’t been any incentive to following through or forcing it, other than adhering to my own conscience. I believe that incentive is on its way and that the world is undergoing transformation that will through us into the dark ages for quite a while.

  1. I like my vitamins and supplements. I have a local store I like to frequent, but it is located in a mall. I need to talk to the owner about their emergency plans if the large mall suddenly closes and where their basement / garage or warehouse alternative location is.

Thanks for Reading!

What are your preparations for a post 2020 world? Have you been thinking about overhauling your purchasing power and habits? Do you have a product you’d like to recommend that has changed your worldview? Please share in the comments below!

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