I just had an aha moment about training your brain and it looks different than I thought.

The exercises you need to do to be your own master are sneaky, mentally challenging and repetitive. …

Making smarter purchases in 2021 is paramount to our survival

Before 2020, making smart changes to my purchasing habits was at the back of my mind. “I should really do this at some point…” or “I’ll make a note about this product and come back to it later,” was how I approached it.

Now, in June 2021, I feel taking…

It’s a scary and cruel world right now. Satan’s reign has been devastatingly complete. All encompassing.

Even though God wins, the fallout will be brutally indescribable.

I have endured attack after attack. Emotional attacks. Bullying, I’ve been cancelled and dismissed. I’ve been told to go and die. …

As your level of consciousness increases, your paradigms shatter quicker and easier. In fact, you might have paradigms shattering multiple times a day, especially with access to the Internet where information spreads like wildfire.

Here’s a visual depiction of where we are as humans, stuck in the middle of a series of boxes:

Card from the Wild Unknown Archetypes deck by Kim Krans

When one box shatters, a new one replaces it.

Just last week, I had another reality…

I just had a wake up call.

“Hello, this is Facebook calling. Your friends are not your friends. Everything you’re posting is immediately taken the wrong way and no one wants to hear it.”

I’m one of the 5% of awakened souls on the planet. (Or whatever the correct percentage…

Allison Kessler

Calgary mompreneur | figuring it out, making it work.

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