Directing Churches to Provide Attendee Lists is Wrong

Stand up, fight back, say no. Before it’s too late

Allison Kessler
2 min readMay 20, 2020

Churches — and every other entity — has a moral obligation to protect the identity of its members and attendees. To ask them to do otherwise is an attack on privacy and our basic human rights.

The government is conditioning us to expect and submit to these information requests as standard procedure. To get us to “check in" everywhere we go. But not by choice, as a new legal requirement.

This takes “checking in" online to the next level. We thought it was fun. A game. Some entertainment. To share with our networks. But who wants to share this info as mandated by our government?

Anyone who thinks these “lists" of church attendees are required for the greater good is naive. There is no way of knowing where the lists go and to which additional lists your name gets added.

My tolerance of trusting the government is ended and so should yours be.

Churches! Refuse to comply! It is your duty to every single one of your members. It is your duty to yourself to be able to live with a clear conscience. It is your duty to God. He knows this is wrong.

Attack the mandate and fight it. Sign petitions, take it to court, set up peaceful protests and sit-ins. Now is the time. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. They already have in thinking they can tell us when we can meet, how far apart we need to sit, and how many people we can attend.

This is an attack on God and having faith. Can’t you see it? This is discrimination. This is blasphemy. We’ve already compromised too much ground and need to back track. As a church and as a society.

We have the right to gather and assemble. Let’s show with our actions that’s exactly what we intend to do and are doing.

What are the consequences of doing nothing.

  • Having to close down and go out of business, thereby failing at your duty to God and your members
  • Having to violate your attendees privacy and rights
  • Having to go underground and hold your meetings in secret
  • Having to look yourself in the mirror everyday as you accept that your livelihood as you once knew it is over

Heed the signs!

Take up your trumpets to the sky.

Go down fighting like Templars.

If fighting for your cause isn’t worth it, nothing else will be either in the world the Beast is trying to create.

You are being attacked. Draw your swords and stand strong as brothers. You have the breath of God at your back and He stands along with you.