Fear has been running my life lately

It’s time I sit down and listen to it.

Allison Kessler
2 min readMay 13, 2020

I just had a wake up call.

“Hello, this is Facebook calling. Your friends are not your friends. Everything you’re posting is immediately taken the wrong way and no one wants to hear it.”

I’m one of the 5% of awakened souls on the planet. (Or whatever the correct percentage is.) I am supposed to be above this kind of petty childish behaviour, which is letting my fears take over and drive me to action. My actions just happen to be the exact opposite kind of action that is acceptable or mainstream. I’m an outlier. The sleeping masses aren’t even on the same planet as I am. I’m not speaking their language and they are getting angry with me.

Why was I doing that? What is my fear saying?

I am scared of being imprisoned. I am scared of the lockdown. I am scared of people being fined just because they are standing within 6 feet of each other. I am scared of authority assuming an overreach of power.

I am scared of walking into stores and seeing some sort of processing war zone. I am scared of people wearing masks. I am scared of those people who are not scared of being prisoners. I am scared of those citizens who have bought into the “I need to be safe” agenda.

I am scared of governments lying to us all and proceeding according to the Dark Agenda.

Facebook isn’t where my community is.

Maybe it’s because I joined Facebook in its infancy and I’ve been a member a very long time that I feel… well… rejected. I bought into the giant social media network, but after many years no longer feel comfortable there. I no longer feel… well… “safe” there.

It’s time to put on my Facebook mask. I can still participate and market my businesses. At the same time, I don’t need to hang out there and share any more personal information. Instead of showing my face, I’ll be faceless. I’ll rename Facebook to Facemask.

It’s time to clean up my Facebook profile.

It’s time to be more careful.

It’s time to be quiet and listen.

It’s time to trust and have faith.

It’s time to be strong and courageous on the inside.

It’s time to be patient and still on the outside.

All is well.