Uncovering Gluten As A Major Food Sensitivity

My 14-month healing health soul search

Allison Kessler
5 min readNov 14, 2018


As a sister article to How To Develop A Relationship With Your Higher Self, here’s my story of how I figured out the root cause of my ongoing health issues. I wanted there to be a quick and easy fix. Instead, it was complicated and multi-faceted. Eventually — after 14 months! — everything came together and I found the answer. And not the answer I thought I was looking for!

Let’s start somewhere in the middle.

Dec 2009 — The Stomach Virus

It all started with a virus that my daughter brought home from daycare.

This virus ravaged my digestive system and it was never the same. For an entire year, I thought I still had the virus. It didn’t cross my mind that it had turned into a chronic problem.

Jan 2013 — The Psychic

A friend recommended a psychic and I went because I was curious. This had nothing to do with my health issues. I just wanted to do something different and scary and fun.

The psychic, named Margaret, was absolutely lovely. Very old and just darling. She and I embraced like we were old friends. The energetic exchange and flow was enlightening! During the course of the hour, she mentioned that I needed to “resolve my metabolism issues.” That was it. She had no more details for me. Just those 4 words.

And it begins.

Since I had been ignoring and accommodating my extreme digestion issues for going on 4 years (at that point), I knew exactly what this meant and it resonated with me completely. I could no longer subsist in ignorance and this was a sign that I needed to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

When In Doubt, Start Journalling

The first thing I did was make an entry in my journal:

Dear Higher Self, I need to resolve my metabolism issues. Please help. Yours faithfully, Allison

Then I read it out loud. This solidifies my intentions, confirms my commitment, and kick starts my pursuit and follow through.

Next, I Tried Stuff.



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