Great question @roamandroot and thank you so much for reading my article! I have some theories as to why it may seem as though your intuition turned out to be wrong or misled you in some way, resulting in a negative consequence or damaging your relationship with your intuition resulting in trust issues. Here are a couple of possibilities:

1. Something random happened to change the course of the outcome. The Universe runs half on planning and good intentions, etc., and balances it out with an element of chance, risk or uncertainty.

2. Your intuition led you on a path to a lesson you needed to learn. Since you don’t have the big picture, perhaps what happened is what needed to happen in the grand scheme of things.

3. Perhaps you made an error in the execution? Spiritual advice tells you to visualize an event exactly as you want it to turn out. Add as many details as possible to to your vision. I have been experimenting with the power of visualization, and can confirm it’s relevancy on activities such as bowling and playing pool. When I take the time to visualize the bowling ball going down the lane and the exact path I want it to take, it works much more effectively than when I don’t do it. I’ve had the same results with playing pool. I draw the line out with my eyes, almost like I’m laser imprinting the path in the air with light. And my percentage of success is greater than when I don’t do it. Those may be “tangible” examples, but it’s good practice for applying visualization to bigger concepts, ideas and plans.

Additionally, using your intuition is like working out and building a specific muscle or reflex. It is taking the time to develop a close relationship that is built on taking leaps of faith based on intuitive flashes and seeing the miraculous results. It’s best to start small and then lead up to more important decisions or events.

For example, I read a book on a psychic and she would play a game when she was walking home from school to guess how many cars would be at an upcoming intersection. She got better and better and more refined at the game as she reinforced the psychic skills through repetition.

I gave a couple of examples in my article on humongous life-changing experiences. In reality, it is better to start small and work up to being able to maneuver around critical issues with confidence and ease. Especially since we aren’t taught how to use our intuition at home or in school, we just aren’t trained properly.

Hope this helps!

Calgary mompreneur | figuring it out, making it work.

Calgary mompreneur | figuring it out, making it work.