How To Develop A Relationship With Your Higher Self

Allison Kessler
9 min readJul 25, 2018

Here’s what’s worked for me

Developing a relationship with our higher selves can be elusive. I’ve parred it down to 3 main elements, which includes understanding that it is a right-brain activity, requires careful analysis of the “voices” in your head, and being able to discern true from untrue. The ultimate goal is attaining the intuitive gift of Clear Knowing (aka claircognizance).

The ideal time to begin establishing a connection with your higher self is not When Shit Hits The Fan or when you are suddenly seeking critical information, like during a health crisis. Albeit, these moments are when you need your higher self’s input the most.

This one time When Shit Hit The Fan for me and I was standing and crying and screaming at heavens… I imagine my higher self was looking down on me like a parent holding a frantic, inconsolable baby.

Realistically, while a traumatic event or desperate search may spark this inner journey, it is calm consistent effort that provides the payoff. Indeed, the techniques you learn along the way serve as excellent coping tools for the trials and tribulations of life itself.

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Here’s my experience.

In this first segment, I give a quick left-brain vs. right brain analysis and then provide two quick and dirty methods of integrating right-brain activities into your daily routine in the “Jump Start Your Right Brain” section.

Functioning in a left-brain dominant society

I spent the first half of my life shutting down my intuition. Like most people in the Western world, I grew up learning about the importance of the left brain and left brain thinking in a left-brained way, corresponding to my dominant right hand. 2 + 2 = 4. I learned exactly how it was supposed to be calculated and liked that there was a clear correct answer. For more complex life problems (right-brain territory), I didn’t have a clue how to sort them out to find the “correct” answer or path.



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