My first blatant experience with discrimination in a hostile environment

Allison Kessler
3 min readJul 29, 2020


Masks symbolize a sickness.

*note: if you are a hardcore mask believer, do not read this article. Please leave me in peace.

I am healthy. I do not have covid. I do not understand how the vast majority of society has been tricked into acting as though they are sick. There is a cognitive dissonance within me so strong and I do not fit into society any longer. I do not enjoy social media any longer.

I have lost many so-called friends since the start of the lockdown.

I have seen an aggressive uncaring army of idiots rise up smashing compassion with the thoughtless utterances from their lips. Reciting a narrative they’ve been programmed to say and denying to the death they fell for it. They will go down with,“My thoughts are my own,” hanging onto this fallacy like a desperate lifeline.

As a hearing impaired person, masks are a nightmare I’d never imagined. These faceless drones wandering about mumbling something or other and I strain to hear. Removing all of my other senses that I didn’t even know I was dependent on for communication is a psychological trick brought forth from the depths of hell. Communicating with others has been dumbed down and My Observer finds it hysterical. The whole situation is inconceivable. We — all of us — have been forcibly reduced to toddlers. How are more people not outraged?

And the mind games continue.

I have been told by former friends to first “wear my mask.” Then “wear my damn mask.” Now, “wear my fucking mask.” I know who these people are. The spiritual being in me loves them unconditionally. My ego will never forgive them. When this dreamspell releases its grip, I wonder if any will feel remorse about their bad behaviour. Their misled actions that aggressively and self righteously advocated for the violation of human rights. For their deep slicing of the knife so desperately telling others to “obey authority because they know best.” Not having a clue their submission is also a kind of evil melding with the sickness and stench that is consuming our land, our world.

Somebody needs to tell it like it is, rosy glasses ripped off and thrown to the ground.

I have many awake friends who are moving with absolute kindness and love for the sleeping masses and I guess they are at a spiritual maturity level I’ve not yet reached because part of this is fueling rage and disbelief. A knowing that these people will get their just rewards, but wanting my own.

Masks are a horrible psychological weapon and The Mark of the Beast. Wake up people, wake up.

Me not endorsing masks means I have half a brain and symbolizes my devotion to God. It has nothing to do with you maskwearer and I do not owe you anything. Science is being abused and distorted, twisted at the whim of the darkside to conduct criminal acts against mankind.

I know you are scared. And you should be. But not for the reason you think. It’s time to open your eyes, get off main stream media and start doing your research for Truth, Justice and Liberty.

I call out masks as a masterpiece maneuver in this scamdemic and it will permanently scar us all.

Take off your mask and See.