Pain Is An Indicator That You Are On The Right Track

Babies teach us new things everyday!

I watch my 13-month old son carefully close the drawers in our bedroom. I am somewhat of a clothes collector and have a total of 3 dressers, with a total of 9 drawers. That's a lot of opportunities for baby fingers to be squished, pinched and caught.

I remember that not so long ago he had been shutting the drawers on his fingers and crying, with huge sobs and anguished wales.

And yet, he learned. Now he’s a pro! He doesn’t even give his fingers a chance to be injured. He closes the door with a flat hand and his palm. Ingenious!

This got me to thinking. (Uh oh!) This is how we learn. We try something, and if we experience pain, either literally or figuratively, we need to adjust our technique or change something. We keep experimenting until, voila, no pain!

Calgary mompreneur | figuring it out, making it work.

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