Stand In Your Power or Be Crushed

A word to the awake.

Allison Kessler


It’s a scary and cruel world right now. Satan’s reign has been devastatingly complete. All encompassing.

Even though God wins, the fallout will be brutally indescribable.

I have endured attack after attack. Emotional attacks. Bullying, I’ve been cancelled and dismissed. I’ve been told to go and die. I’ve been told to “watch myself’ by a minister who’s studied the Word all his life and doesn’t understand the final chapter.

And yet this journey hasn’t killed me, it’s made me stronger. I stand in my own power and although these attacks sometimes knock me down, I always get back up. I brush myself off. I strive to let everything dark and negative slide right off me, travel through me but not stick, move on because there’s nothing yummy to feed on in me anymore.

My favourite story growing up was Joan of Arc. I’ve only ever read a children’s book about her. And I was fascinated. Imagine taking to angels, I wondered. Imagine having a purpose and a mission. Imagine not being scared to die.

That’s what makes these rotten times so confusing. Millions of people who are falling for the scamdemic, obediently following corrupt rules, and who are scared to death of dying, are first in line for the death shot. They don’t know what they’re doing.

We’ve all been tricked and we will all have scars that will need aggressive healing.

Does it matter if I come out stronger on the ascension path when I’ve failed my own first born. She’s been indoctrinated into the horrifying education system right under my nose and she’s a part of it now. Out of reach. My biggest regret is that I was not strong enough to save her when she was crying out in pain all those years. All those years I dropped her off at school because mommy had to work. Mommy didn’t have time to listen and protect her own daughter.

And now I know how it feels not to be believed when something is wrong. To suffer the looks of people who hate me or feel sorry for me or who are stuck with me (like my parents) but who don’t understand.

Handing our children over to radical leftists is one of our biggest societal mistakes, miscalculations. Corruption sneaks in quietly and makes its moves swiftly. The psychopaths moved with intention and we were programmed to sleep at the most pivotal moment in thousands of years.

Many will be lost. I cry out for those people.

I save myself.



Allison Kessler

Calgary mompreneur | figuring it out, making it work.