Waking Up Means Knowing Truth

They are lying to us.

We know they are lying to us.

They know we know they are lying to us, and they are still lying to us.

A web of lies is hard to drop.

Liars Stick To Their Stories

I went out with a liar once. He liked to be dating a nice girl and have a number of regular girls on the side who he cheated with. It was a game to him. He would lose when any particular nice girl caught him and ditched him for good. He loved his game.

He explained to me that he would stick to his lies to his dying breath. He would never ever admit anything and repeat the same lame story. His theme song was “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy, which you can see on YouTube here.

Oh what we do for fun.

Oh what we can do at lower levels of consciousness.

When You Wake Up, You Are Able To Discern True From Untrue

When I wrote How To Develop A Relationship With Your Higher Self, I had no idea that the last point being able to discern true from untrue was the crux of it all.

When you wake up, a lightbulb turns on in your head illuminating the world. In that article, I describe it as: lies start to fall flat and truth has a ring to it. As you trust your feelings more and more, you build a system of knowing what’s a lie and what’s truth and the better you get at it. You shorten the time between pondering on whether something is true, to knowing instantaneously what’s what.

Lies start to fall flat and truth has a ring to it.

This is how you develop your intuition.

When You Wake Up, The Lies Fall Away

When you wake up, your vibration rises up above the lies. In fact, the lies run from you because they are no longer a match. Lies can’t exist in the presence of Truth.

In the story I told in the beginning about dating a liar. I’m no longer attracted to that kind of thing, to that kind of man. It’s not even an option for me anymore. Why would I go there ever again — I learned my lesson and I can let that kind of behaviour go. By letting it go, I am free to move onward and upward to the next level and you can bet moving up is going to be beautiful and joyous. In any event, it will be much less painful.

Usually lessons form patterns in your life. They are programmed to repeat until you see them. Once you see them, you can shine the light on them, forgive them, thank them, and release them.

The Power Of Forgiveness

You can release a pattern by using the ritual of Ho’oponopono, which is a Hawaiian prayer consisting of: I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you, I Love You. Just say it over and over again. It works like magic and is a great spell to have in your back pocket when a trigger pops up to spoil your day.

If you aren’t familiar with Ho’oponopono, I highly recommend learning about it or buying a book on it. It will save your life.

Sometimes You Need Something More Powerful

I wrote an article called How To Deal With Shame On A Subconscious Level. When you are dealing with an aggressive pattern that is ruining your life, you need to deal with it. Unfortunately, as we work our way through the Dark Night Of The Soul, which I might talk about in another post, our inner demons are screaming for our attention so they can rest in peace.

Of course there’s many inner children within us who have been hurt and shamed and it’s frustrating because most of the time you don’t consciously remember the circumstances and don’t understand the fullness of the situation. I recently had to meet a ghost from a past life who was hanging on for dear life and physically causing me pain. She wanted my attention. She wanted to leave me in peace, but she was stuck to me and until I dared to look at her — and LOVE her — she would make my life a living hell.

The idea of integrating that which we find repulsive is horrifying at first. You try to run away. However, following my recent experience, I literally just learned the POWER in merging the dark and the light within myself. They are all me and to fully heal myself, I need to love my WHOLE SELF. So easy to say and so difficult to do.

When You Wake Up, You Light Up The World!

Your own personal light shines brighter and bigger. Your proximity grows and so does your reach. You expand everywhere and see limiting beliefs for what they are. You are no longer contained because that container is an illusion.

This is the light bearer’s strength over the evildoers. Light is stronger than dark. The trick is believing in yourself. If you think you can, you will.

If you think you can, you Will.

When You Wake Up, The Veil Is Lifted

On Earth we are in a 3D matrix and this matrix is what creates our physical reality. For the most part, we aren’t even aware we live in this construct. Movies come out like The Matrix, and we think it’s just a movie.

And then The Veil Is Lifted and we are out of the fog. Just like that. You look around you and See.

Once the veil is lifted, you are no longer fooled. You aren’t susceptible to the lies any longer.

It’s weird when you wake up because the lies start to become SO obvious, you are astounded that anyone in their right minds would believe them. The lies stand out like sore thumbs and for a moment you look around puzzled and confused as to what’s going on. Why is everyone falling for these outright blatant crimes?

Once You Are Awake, You Can No Longer Pretend.

The hardest part about leaving the matrix is watching every one who is still in the matrix — people you love… run around like rats in a cage.

You find new friends. True friends.

You will shed many people from your life and you will gain many new friends who are brilliant awakened souls. Being on the same level as those around you is such a relief. I attended a protest recently and a stranger walked up to me and said, “Do you know about the children?” and I nodded in affirmation, and we shared a moment together where we are on the same level together working in unity. Thank goodness. Someone else knows what I know and I don’t need to spend time trying to wake her up. She’s awake too. And I cry because one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced is not being believed by those around me.

One of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced is not being believed by those around me.

It’s time to wake up.

And once you’re awake, it’s time to get to work. Where we go one, we go all.

Calgary mompreneur | figuring it out, making it work.

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