We’ve exchanged our humanity for processing

I don’t want to live in a world like this.

  • I am not allowed to bring in my own grocery bags. (I needed to place my grocery bags at the entrance of the store.)
  • They have removed all of the baskets. No more baskets.
  • My partner and I were not allowed to enter the store together. We would be granted entry separately, and only if we got two grocery carts and went in opposite directions.

I deserve to be treated better.

What is wrong with this picture?

The damage of fear and paranoia this so-called virus has caused is widespread and irreversible.

Thank you for this experience.

First Worlders now have a taste of what losing our freedoms is like. This is how it feels to be processed instead of treated with love, respect and kindness. How — when placed in an impossible situation — we will lay down our rights in an instant. Without thoroughly thinking it through. Giving a moment to pause. Looking for the truth or taking the time to consider our values and motives.

The word Trust has lost its meaning.

It’s hard to sit still when I’ve lost my trust in elected authority organizations and representatives, the ones who are supposed to work to uphold the rights and interests of their territories. Our rights and freedoms are disappearing overnight, some we know about and some we don’t know about yet. Democracies are turning into dictatorships and very few seem to notice or care about it.

There is no centralized or mandatory channel of communication.

Nowadays, there isn’t a centralized way of communicating messages. I don’t have TV. I don’t watch mainstream media. Mailouts are hardly engaged. I won’t even know what new laws are in place because I don’t where to look for them. I could possibly be handed a fine or arrested for a new law of which I am unaware.

Once a line has been crossed, you lose that ground.

The grocery stores have taken in upon themselves to go that extra mile by enforcing even more stringent rules than required.

Something is gravely wrong with this picture.

Everyone needs to shed their fear. Get rid of your ingrained fear of dying. Fear of death is at the root of being human and we all need to look it straight in the face and say, “I’m not scared of you.”



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